​10 Tips to help sell your home quickly.

1. Price it right from the begining​.
Sellers often think to start and and slowly drop if they don’t get any offers. But that can lead to a slower sale and maybe even a lower price. The first 30 days is the most activity you will get so you want to price it right during that time.

2. ​Enhance your homes curb appeal.
This could mean adding new sod, planting new flowers, replacing the front door or even your mailbox. The smallest things can make a change.

3. ​Update the interior and or the exterior of your home.
New fixtures, fresh paint and updated landscaping are all fairly easy and affordable ways to give your home a makeover.

4. ​Clean declutter and depersonalize​.
The fewer the things in your home the larger it will look, so remove knickknacks and

excess furniture. Also take down family photos, religious items, political posters so their family can see themselves in your home not you.

5. ​Stage the house to show how the rooms are supposed to be used.
If you have an odd room with no obvious role, give them one. Buyers don’t like wasted space.

6. ​Make the property easy to show.
​The more flexible you are about showings, the more people will be able to see your

home. You never know when buyers can see a home so always be kind and when leave always turn on all your lights and open blinds.

7. ​Remove your pets.
Also remove any dog dishes, bags of food and large toys, its best if buyers don’t even know you have pets.

8. ​Make sure your home is on all the major website portals.
This is usually your agents job but it never hurts to double check to make sure your

home is on Zillow, Redfin, Trulia and Realtor.com. Social media is a great way to get your home seen as well.

9. ​Ensure the listing have good photos and lots of them.
​Most of buyers start their search online and decide what homes they want to see based on photos. You want something more than snapshots off your agents phone.

10. ​Share information about life in your neighborhood.